martes, 6 de octubre de 2009

Queens Of Jamaica

01.Rita Marley & The Soulettes – (You’re) My Desire
02.Joya Lanis – Kansas City
03.Phyllis Dillon – Don’t Touch Me Tomato
04.The Webber Sisters – It’s You I Love
05.Dawn Penn – I Let You Go Boy
06.Nora Dean – Barbwire (O Mama)
07.Judy Mowatt and the Gaylettes – Zipa Dee Do Da
08.Dorothy Reid – Work It
09.Ken Parker & Dorothy Russell – Sincerely
10.Girl Satchmo – Take You For a Ride
11.Nora Dean – Angie La La
12.Joya Landis – When The Lights Are Low
13.Hortense Ellis – Unexpected Places
14.Carole Cole & Sister P – Ethiopia
15.Cynthia Richards – Aily I
16.Hortense Ellis – With All My Heart
17.Phyllis Dillon – Something
18.Dorothy Reid – Give It To Me
19.Joya and John – I’ll Be Lonely
20.Derrick Morgan & Hortense Ellis – I’m Gone

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